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on Jan 22nd 2005, 00:42:19, kingbastard wrote the following about


he is the only one brave enough to stand up and make war with the beast.too many people(including christians are blind to the beast)you see ,you can only serve one master,iether you serve God or the world,and a friend of the world is an enemy of god.but nobody wants to give up their »freedom«atvs,cds,pcs,rvs,dvds,mp3s,the right to be gay,to take God out of the constitution,they all have the number of the beast everyone wants to be a whore,and they are leading our children into this trap .so go laden,go.the bible prophesies that the beast will be hurt by the sword and it will recover .but the only ones that will be left will be his supporters because all the martyrs will be with God ,the rest will go to the lake of fire for their ignorance and rebellion against God ,so die for the beast if you want to coward,I will die with God on my side.Amen

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