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on May 5th 2001, 20:37:27, gugudada wrote the following about


human is limited by arrogance that eats the globe up and wipes out all animals in its path, it even eats or kills its own. and all communities are brainwashed by their political and religion myths

and is that it?
is is not it. it is it. shit is shit. every it is an it including somethings with brains that think they are not the it that they are

i was jesus walking across the thick brine, but i had no flock of sheep following me, and no claims to be the savior of these piss poor humans

humanoid dadaist atheist observer of human arrogance and their arts of self delusion,not a happy camper

Regret, like alcohol, is best savoured when alone but deepest drunk in the company of others. Alone, regret fills the palette, is enjoyed (or not), and one's appetite for it in a gradual wise expunged; in company, though, one drinks less discriminately, and while a greater portion may be imbibed the taste is not so harsh.
I marshall my regrets like fine wines; these are best-suited for consumption with friends, and these alone. These here I do not care to remember much of, for they are middling regrets, regrets of fancy, regrets best passed around and made cheap by overuse. These here I must wring the taste from, for they are the bitterest, the most cloying, the ones I must never forget the price of.
When I feel like my life is in a period of low spirits, I often draw a little sun on my left knee. I will not get it tattooed there, because I like it to change so that it can best represent and alter my mood.
Other things that have been on my left knee lately include:
A pink, pierced heart, when my knee needed some loving.
A green, glowing brain, when I needed extra help on my psychology exam.
A blue cat, dreaming of fish. This was drawn by a friend, but still managed to reflect my feelings. My knee is quite magical that way.
elements congealed into controlling bodies in trillions of points in the universe(s)

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