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Accountability is no longer as great a value for the younger generations, as it was for former ones. I can see in my own generation we were a big transition generation; as though we were a bridge from the stiff and ridgid accountability of the 1950's and early 1960's to wildness of later generations, moving through their adulthoold, education, famiy-forming, careers, spitting up, playing at rougher life games than we did. More and more hype and pushing the evelope for a rush. Now, everyone in the following generations seems to be so lost, IMO.

We thought we were fighting against the Viet Nam War, the draft, undeclared war, the too-much power of big government, big business; that we were fighting for Martin Luther King's battle; for women's rights; the environment; that we were finally headed into an age where mind and body could come together without stigma.

But as time went on people in groups, sects, cults, social classes and even recognized, established religions, became more stratified, rigid, and yet splintered. Many times the splintering of groups and their needs destroyed what the overall group(s) were trying to achieve because of lack of unity. Sometimes, it reminded me of the way acadamia works.....all the high level intellectual, pure knowledge out there, fine aspirtions to reach the planets, to discover things never thought of before in art, science, soil, air just to be stopped short by an ego or two. Wash away the accountability, wash away the way society is changing. Is it good, bad, too fast? Are we humans absorbing it? What is it doing? Who cares..............rush ahead, rush ahead. Does this make sense?

Good things stopped by an ego, a broken fax, a splinter; yet other things – advances in technology coming at us so fast we're lost.

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