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on Oct 23rd 2015, 23:39:28, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


Elfboi Nils Altenbach whoever you are thankyou for destroying my life in public and on the Internet you know where I am so you must see me a lot this is cyber bullying are you in love with me? Is that it the truth is I don't love you but would like to become friends I don't want to call police on you and have you or your friends arrested if their is more then one person involved in this crime I want you to think about that and if I hurt you in anyway I am sorry but this has gone on long enough I hope you delete everything you said as well as what I said we can do it together you won I lost
this internet battle if you are a true friend you will see me in person I don't know who you are but would love to become friends with you or do we cut ties you decide but I think an apology to each other is in order are we friends don't know but I would like to see who you really are and what your name is I don't want anyone to get in trouble yes I was a fool I am sorry

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