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on Nov 27th 2002, 02:36:08, Höflichkeitsliga wrote the following about


Boy, i suck at doing things right, lets like do a little recap you know because when the going gets tough, it is said, as you know, the tough, they, it is said, get going, and you know, by rights, i mean, i meaun, awrite, but the tough they. like, suck, because i dont like these people with these kinda arms where the biceps is bigger than their forearm, old needlearm me am, and i continue to fight for my right to be tha old needlearm i tell you, right, but even if a certein special people is selected for getting tough when the tough, when they get going, id say that, oh the fook thats evil Pearl Jam in da Radio, i hates them, they be crooked, and they fooked up me youth, as sure as Benny Hill rules tha waves Britannia, he does, i tells you!

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