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hoker poker about cunt
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shannon about cunt
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eelombardi about cunt

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Emma Example about cunt

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Fran about cunt

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Pete wrote on Jun 11th 2003, 11:16:40 about


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A good way to ruin an otherwise good date is to ask: »May I smell your cunt

Archer wrote on Nov 23rd 2002, 04:37:26 about


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You know Inga Muscio, right? Well, she said something like, 'If you will be so kind, say »vagina« out loud a few times. Strip away the meaning and listen solely to the phonetic sound. It resonates from the roof of your mouth. A ‘vagina’ could be an economy car: Thats right, Wanda! Come within five hundred dollars of the actual sticker price, and you’ll win this! A brand new Chrysler Vagina! Or a rodent: Next on Prairie Safari, you’ll see a wily little silver-tailed vagina outwit a voracious pair of ospreys. Saycuntout loud, again stripping away the meaning. The word resonates from the depths of your gut. It sounds like something you definitely don’t want to tangle with in a drunken brawl in a dark alley.'

Dieu wrote on May 26th 2002, 17:46:24 about


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English speakers pronounce the German philosopher Kant with long a like »can't« in British English. The German pronunciation is like »cunt«. In a German conversation native English speakers have difficulties to pronounce Kant correktly, though it should not be too difficult to say »cunt«.

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