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Elaine wrote on Apr 10th 2001, 22:43:36 about


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Goodhearted conversation shared in the flicker of the flames of a roaring fire, impregnated the brief silence with thoughts of romance.

daisy wrote on Apr 17th 2001, 02:49:20 about


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goodhearted people often give nice things to others. They give to charity, help animals and old folks, and perform random acts of kindness.

Marvin O' Grady wrote on Apr 19th 2000, 05:49:02 about


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There was this chap lived down the street from me, he was the simpleminded sort that didn't know any better than to come out of the rain, but he was goodhearted just the same. One day a lorry came by and ran the poor bloke over. Was a sad thing it was.

shortie wrote on Oct 27th 2002, 03:03:52 about


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the goodhearted girl walked with me, and all i could do was smile, such a good feelin inside, when she is by my side.

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