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checkmate about salty
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king about salty
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on Mar 2nd 2010, 00:39:12 wrote
king about salty

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Texts to »Salty«

Carrie wrote on Jan 12th 2003, 10:03:23 about


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He wonders why I desire him. How could I avoid wanting him, when he smells like the seashore?

ken wrote on Mar 12th 2002, 14:56:54 about


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Return to the sea my true being. To be blessed by the salty sea and feel the warmth of new life.

Java wrote on Dec 22nd 2001, 15:12:40 about


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The sea smells salty;
The anchovies taste salty;
My words sound salty;
The tears on your cheeks appear salty;
Your kiss on my mouth feels salty.

checkmate wrote on Nov 8th 2001, 22:38:39 about


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my hands feel salty, why is that? is it because they are the machinery that interfaces with the ocean of the world?

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