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Doctor Doctor
(from »Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes«)

I can't hold you baby
I been thinking
I can't hold you
Another sign above

Doctor, doctor
Tell me what to do
I got heartbreak in my pocket
I got sunlight next to you

Doctor, doctor
Will the difference be adjourned
Could I help 'em only standing
Could I be the one to do

Doctor, doctor
What ??? you
I been round by the river land
Where the sun burns burns bold and
All he ever [track »skips«] next to you

[Music fades out, then back in]

Any wanna gonna man of wanna buy a taking you down
I was thinking of you
Round about wanna gonna say

Any other bonna down a on ya all the time that you wanted
I was all in the grave...I was down the ground

Put another [Gets cut off]

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