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on Mar 11th 2002, 06:57:02, mirror cage wrote the following about


i can't believe i let them fuck in my bed...i wonder if it was really worth it...i suppose it was...considering the amount of moaning and groaning there was involved...it makes me want to masturbate thinking about fucking like that for that long...god...i just want to find someone that i can feel that close to and i can talk to...i was someone who can at least give me a freaking orgasm...i wish i could find someone like that...all i want is someone to kiss at night...someone to hug alot when i see them...and someone i can share things with that i won't feel uncomfortable around in the morning...i hate that feeling...but for right now...all i have is this old matress and these soft sheets...thank god i washed my comforter...i don't think i'd be able to sleep...on this bed...

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