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on Oct 8th 2000, 10:37:00, Groggy groove wrote the following about


It was general question time on the »Top of the World« quiz show and the host first asked the Hungarian contestant:
»Complete this line of a song and spell your answer – Old MacDonald had a ....«
The Hungarian answered quickly: »Station – S T A T I O N.«
Next it was the Polish contestant who was asked the same question: »Old MacDonald had a ....«
»Ranch,« was the reply, »R A N C H.«
Finally the Irishman was asked the same question:
»Old MacDonald had a....«
»Farmthe Irishman proudly stated.
»Correct,« said the host. »Now spell the word farm
The Irishman thought for a moment. »E I E I O

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