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on May 4th 2001, 06:46:27, zaara wrote the following about


I've been thinking a lot about death, lately. I'm at a point in my life when there are more days behind me than ahead of me, and I find that I don't want to die. Silly, right? Everyone dies. It's the natural order. Right? I don't think so!

You see, I don't believe all that 'god' stuff. I don't believe in any kind of an 'afterlife', or reincarnation. I don't care if other people want to believe that crap and surrender their existence to rot and decay in a box in the ground. But I don't believe that stuff, and I resent, to an extreme degree, the religious pagans of this planet deciding that all people should accept death and live by laws based upon religious precepts.

I don't believe any of the modern day 'preachers' who claim to hear some invisible deity's message, and I certainly don't believe all those fairy tales about prophets and miracles thousands of years in the past. I think it's all been nothing more than a con-game that's enslaved the minds of humanity, hampering the technological progress that is capable of granting all humans practical medical immortality, because some crackpot preacher says that an imaginary deity has told him that people aren't suppose to do that.

I'm getting desperate about this. But, the truth is, I think that it's too late for me. I think that the inertia of religious paganism on this planet has sentenced me to death; and I'm really, really mad about it. If I weren't so afraid of my own death, I'd be tempted to start sending some pagans to their deity before my demise. But, then, if I'm doomed to die, anyway, why should I care about the consequences?

When I use the word 'pagan' I'm talking about ALL religions; christianity, islam, judaism, wicca, druid, whatever...they're ALL pagan systems and propogate hate, fear, and superstition...usually in the name of 'love'. The end result is that billions upon billions of humans have been forced to surrender their existence to the unknown void of death in the name of a deity whose existance has never been more tangible than the ravings of religious zealots who are too afraid of death to face it without superstition and self delusion.

Yes, I'm afraid of death. I don't want to die. But, I don't need to delude myself or to subscribe to superstitious dogma to be able to face it;...I'll NEVER accept it!

I may be a coward in not wanting to die, but I know it and admit it. Pagans are afraid of death, too, but they wont admit to themselves, and their fear causes them to spread their hypocrisy, superstition and cowardice, in an effort to create a culture that reinforces their self delusion. Unfortunately, paganism, in its many forms, has been altogether too successful on this planet.

When is humanity going to shed this yoke?

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