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on May 6th 2002, 09:52:54, Orpheus wrote the following about


Names are powerful things. And wheather God knows it better or Satan knows it better could decide your eternal fate.

Last week I watched a show called »frontier house«, It was about these three families that had to live like the peole did in the year 1883. Close to the end of the show, one of the boys was sad because his family was going to butcher a pig that he had named »Joe Joe Pumpkin«. The boy named the pig and tired to protect the pig. God is kind of like that boy only much more powerful. When God gives you a name in heaven he will protect you. In fact, he would rather send his own son to die instead of letting you die.

Now, mabye your thinking, »Why would God give me a name in heaven? I hate himBut all you have to do is beleive. If you don't, the Devil going to take your soul to the slaughter.

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