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on May 15th 2000, 18:13:52, le merle blanc wrote the following about


I am what women a decade or two ago would probably – and not unrightly so – term a feminist, in that I think women should have no fewer rights than men (though modern feminists, or modern women who call themselves feminists but are really much more militant than this would disagree since I think men should hav eno fewer rights than women). I believe that women are good things, no more or less so than men, and I think it's delightful that in pretty much any job one can work alongside a woman now, that she can be one of your mates, that she can hang about in jeans and a t-shirt. I think 'woman' is just a different kind of person, really, with different bits and pieces.

That being said, few things make me weaker than the sight of a shapely young woman in skirts.

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