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Soul was an art forged by warriors of sound.

The Mythopoetic tale ensues...

Krhoss incarnate (the prodigy-mortality) appeared to the vestal of vernal frost.
Bound between winter and sun, the frozen womb of Spring parted, and Edehn arose, the first child born to Summer.
Nursed by the Agents of Spring, Edehn grew into a stealth harbinger, and pursued Winter with his rhyming army 'The Omage', particle descendents of the sonic entity Krhoss, which had populated earth with soul an infinity before.
A Great War ensued.
Futility and vengeance left the effloresced meadows of Summer overflowed, with the sonic blood of The Omage. Edehn marched forth his rhyming tribe against the legions of Winter and Silent Death.
But still it grew colder...
Death gathered upon the out-lands of Summer, draped in the howling cloak of February to savor the conquest of Edehn.

Assembled at the edge of the earth, the rhyming tribes waited as screaming quietus grew near.


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