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Zayn wrote on May 27th 2002, 06:25:03 about


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He is coming. The jaberwocky is coming. He is running. Through the forest. Tearing branches. Roaring. Not caring if you hear him. He is too big, his teeth too sharp. He is coming. Coming closer. Foul steam breath. Filling your lungs. You. Stumbling. Running, Seeking shelter. You cannot hide. The jaberwocky has claws to tear you. From any shelter you seek. He is coming. The jaberwocky is coming.

Xanroth wrote on Nov 29th 2000, 20:50:04 about


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I love the ballad about the Jaberwocky (in German: »Schlabberwork«) in the book »Alice im Wunderland« (or was it »Alice im Spiegelland«?)written by Lewis Carroll.
It could be from Christian Morgenstern, because of the style.

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