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sdw wrote on Jun 7th 2001, 18:08:06 about


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The escaped criminals should be considered armed and dangerous.

purplesage wrote on Sep 5th 2018, 23:55:19 about


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When we visited Las Vegas last month, my friend Terry fell under the spell of the one-armed bandits.

Aspirin eased the shoulder pain, but the bus ticket back home saved next month's rent payment!

Emma Example wrote on Aug 18th 2010, 21:14:44 about


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Armed and dangerous. Those people are full of fear. Or the realized what society has done to them. Probably both.

PikeWake wrote on Apr 25th 2000, 14:59:00 about


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»Armed and dangerous« – now that's an oxymoron for you. If you don't consider any person carrying a weapon dangerous, you're not paranoid enough by a long shot.

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