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Groggy groove about men
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Cindy about men
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on Apr 5th 2004, 10:47:24 wrote
Emma Example about men

on Sep 26th 2002, 23:21:05 wrote
caihtln about men

on Jan 28th 2019, 00:35:42 wrote
Cindy about men

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Texts to »Men«

bconstan wrote on Dec 8th 2002, 22:13:39 about


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Men are good for two things, and one is killing spiders.

Donnie Pi wrote on May 6th 2001, 01:07:26 about


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The tip instructs me to contribute to the knowledge of all mankind by entering everything I know about men – if I did that, I would be at the keyboard all night and produce a lot of nothing.

francesca wrote on May 25th 2001, 13:34:20 about


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men can be very disappointing, very very disappointing, and I'm not talking about sex

caihtln wrote on Sep 26th 2002, 23:26:12 about


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are strong and fuzzy, much better than an electrical blanket.

are full of knowledge, fascinating to listen to when they think you're asleep.

are dead funny.

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