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Baseball is the best game ever, bar none. I've played it and watched it more times than I can remember. I can step onto a baseball diamond and everything is good.

I'd rather listen to a game on the radio on my front porch with a cooler of beer, than watch it on TV. Baseball on TV is no damn good. The game's too big for TV.
Radio lets you use your imagination, so your experience is probably better then the real game. If you want to imagine Albert Belle breathing fire and giving the crowd the finger as he walks to the plate, you can do that with radio. If you're watching the game on TV, all you get is Albert giving the finger.

Of course, going to a game is the best. Last night was dollar hot dog night. Skip dinner, have 4 dogs and 2 beers, Yankees vs. Rangers, extra innings, Texas almost pulled it out, except for a bad call at the end with Alicea.

And I was there.

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