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on Dec 30th 2018, 00:55:16, schmidt wrote the following about


my dear little brother. the ddr network in the brd is too big to fail. they have shown me at several times part of their methods, i do not have any chance to escape those übermenschen. i spy. i have cried. they touched me down, told storys about child abuse from private solo man piano teacher which is always present in the little town i live. progressive heart disease was ignored, told as psychic water in legs. they play their role nearly perféct, like an certain lars reichow trumpetet yesterday morning in the Hauptreichsrundfunk Hessen II, wir sind verpflichtet denen zu helfen die unserer Hilfe bedürfen, aber nicht denen die uns zerstören woken. they distroy me and they laughed eating and drinking in well heated restrooms with their friends with whom they partage their lies.

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