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The Seventh Son's importance stems from the sacrality of the Number 7, one that ultimately roots in the seven islands of atlantis; and the seven eras of humanity. Interesting to note, that in india, the theme is more linked with the third son. A sort of ugly duckling, that grows to be a swan itself. Brahma, the Parama-Hamsa.
This Legend although mentioned in specific detail through many books of the old and new testaments of the King James version of the Bible, predates it, back to the dawn of time in all major philosophies and cultures of the world.

Today is born the Seventh One, born of a woman, the 'Seventh Son' and he in turn of a 'Seventh Son'....He has the power to heal, he has the gift of 'Second Sight' so it shall be written, so it shall be done....

Here the birth from an unbroken line, born the healer, the 'Seventh' his time. Unknowingly blessed as his life unfolds, slowly unveiling the power he holds.

Then they watch the progress he takes, the 'GOOD' and the 'EVIL' which path will he take.....Both of them trying to manipulate, the use of his powers before it's too late.....

The 'Seventh Son' is born the divine and chosen one, to become a Maker of Things' who has a 'special purpose in life' for the 'Lord of Hosts' to expose the EVIL and CORRUPTION of the World, but of who is CURSED by those SAME FORCES who would try to DESTROY him.....for he is the Trinity, the father, son & the holy spirit.....

Forward from Leslie Shepard's Encyclopedia of the Occult

Belief in the special gifts of a Seventh Son or Daughter can be found in Folklore throughout the world. Leslie Shepard in his 'Encyclopedia of Occultism and parapsychology' states that in Romania the Seventh Child is fated to become a vampire. And that in England in the seventeenth century there were reports of a Seventh Son healing the deaf, blind and lame.

In France, The Seventh Son was called a 'Marcou' and branded with a 'fleur-de-lis' {reknown worldwide as a symbol of the Divine & Quality, and all that is Holy, Click this Link for history}. Good Luck was also said to attend the Seventh Child. In olden days, when Captains of Merchant Ships were setting sail on long voyages, they would try, 'often by force if neccessary' to have a Seventh Son on ship as Legend has it that the Ship wouldn't sink with a Seventh Son on Board
The reason why the Seventh Child as opposed to the first or the fifth for example-should have 'Special Powers' has it's roots in ancient beliefs. The number Seven has many mystical and religious associations. Apart from the Bible telling of God creating the world in Seven Days, The number features throughout the old and new testaments.

Seven is a very significant number in numerology and is the basic unit of transition in natural cycles from the week as a phase of the lunar cycle to the idea that many of life's patterns are divided in phases of Seven. Healing and religion are, or course, deeply linked. Jesus Christ healed the sick and the lame and many saints were healers. Jesus said that others could heal in his name and through his power.

And the hope and faith of healing through prayer is a growing force in Christian religions. There are those who believe that Seventh Son's who don't consider any God to be part of their healing or being able to predict the future from the past would acknowledge that they are a channel for a power rather than being themselves the source......

Scriptural Clarifications & Ramnifications of the Seventh Son supporting the Legend from the King James Version of the Bible:

All the prophets of the Bible speak of him. I am the Branch, Isaiah 4:2, The Serpent, Isaiah 5:26, The Immanuel, Isaiah 7:14, The Root, Isaiah 11:10, The Holy One, Isaiah 12:6, The Voice, Isaiah 11:10, The Fiery Flying Serpent, Isaiah 14:29, The Lamb, Isaiah 16:1, The Stammerer, Isaiah 28:11, The king, Isaiah 32:1, The Righteous Man from the south, Isaiah 46:11, The Loved One, Isaiah 48:14, The Sharp Sword, Isaiah 49:2, The Learned, Isaiah 50:4, The Arm, Isaiah 51:9, The Servant, Isaiah 52:13, and David, Isaiah 55:3,4.....

Behold I come like a thief in the night, And I stand at the door and knock, and whosoever answers I shall enter and sup with thee, bind up and heal thy wounds and give thee knowledge from the tree of life.

I have been rejected in the person of my prophets over and over. I have seven eyes and seven horns. My name is the word of God and I ride on a white horse {Rev 19:11}. And I am here on earth to give you the Seventh Angel's message {Rev. 10:7}

I want to invite you to my marriage supper. The invitation is in Psalm 45. Read it and confess that you do not know me... I am the word of God. The key of David is in my hand. I only can open up the prophecies of David and Solomon. I have ascended from the south with the seal of the living God.

My name is a counterfeit, a counterfeit is a hypocrite, for as the Son of God and a child of the universe and an earthly being, I am just like you....And I am here to destroy Babylon {Rev. 9:14} I have come in a way that is contrary to your preconcieved ideas.

I will reprove you for your world loveing, I will scold your daughters for their nakedness and pride that they parade in my father's house. And by my Angels I will strip them naked before all eyes because of their foolish pride....Read Isaiah 3:13-26, The young men will abuse my kindness, they will try and take my life, but I will arise and take theirs forevermore...

Your ministers will lament your foolishness, your lost flock will tear you too pieces. I am the word and you do not know me. I ride on a white horse and my name is secret. Psalm 45 is my invitation to you for extended mercy, I will visit you at your unholy feast...Isaiah 3:13, 12:6, Daniel 2:44 Hosea 2:21,2:5, 4:6, Joel 3:16, 17, Amos 1:2, 8:2, Obadiah 1:21, Habakkuk 3:13, Zephaniah 3:5, Zechariah 2:13, Malachi 1:11, 4:4,..........

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