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The Tiger Shark – Galeacerdo cuvier

Size – grows from 10 – 20 feet in length.
Diet – scavengers that eat fish, turtles, crabs, clams, mammals, sea birds, reptiles,
other sharks and anything else they can find.
Habitat – They can be found in tropical waters worldwide, some temperate seas,
near the shore, as well as in open waters.
Reproduction – ovoviviparous; young are born live in litters up to 82 pups.
Gestation, like humans, is 9 months. They are almost 2 1/2 feet at birth and
completely independent.

Young tiger sharks coloring are indicative of their name because the distinctive
dark bands that run from the top of the it's back down along its sides are very
evident. The older it gets the bands fade and become gray or brownish in color.
Most feared by humans; it is second only to the Great White and reaches a length
of 18 feet. The Tiger shark is found in temperate and tropical seas most commonly
along the coasts of South Africa, the Philippines, Australia, the Indian and Pacific
Oceans, and in the Caribbean waters. The Tiger shark tolerates a broad range of
different habitats and has been noticed in rivers and small lagoons. Powerful and
extremely fast when attacking it's prey, it eats a variety of fish It will eat almost
anything and is considered to be the most scavingous of all the sharks. It eats a
variety of fish, moray eels and sharks smaller in size such as Grey Reef sharks,
Hammerhead and even other Tiger sharks. It also eats turtles and birds that rest
on the surface of the ocean such as pelicans and migratory birds.

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