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First text on Feb 4th 2005, 08:02:43 wrote
Jeri about ugly
Latest text on Jan 24th 2010, 21:08:47 wrote
the addressed Lord about ugly
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on Feb 4th 2005, 08:02:43 wrote
Jeri about ugly

on Jan 24th 2010, 21:08:47 wrote
the addressed Lord about ugly

on Mar 3rd 2008, 18:28:13 wrote
pat batemann about ugly

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baby blue wrote on Aug 26th 2007, 10:28:43 about


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what I considered beautiful in the beginning, seems to be really ugly NOW. it's the condition of your soul telling you to find matters, situations and people either ugly or beautiful. what condition is your soul in?

ugly duckling wrote on Dec 13th 2009, 14:52:33 about


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uglyness is in the eyes of the beholder.

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