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Mikey wrote on Mar 15th 2005, 01:01:34 about


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Cheap, ugly, and new energy efficient windows are a sin if they're replacing beautiful, old, drafty ones. Improving energy efficiency doesn't have to kill a house's soul.

ocs wrote on May 23rd 2004, 06:52:44 about


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Ends of discoloured blinds and curtains flapped drearily against the half-opened upper windows.

@@ Emily Aphra @@ wrote on Apr 3rd 2001, 23:37:14 about


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When God closes a door, He opens a window somewhere.

@@ Emily Aphra @@ wrote on May 17th 2001, 21:01:50 about


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When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out the window.

poufie wrote on Apr 28th 2002, 23:59:29 about


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No matter what side of the window you are on, there is something new to see.

Josef wrote on Mar 9th 2001, 06:51:15 about


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Vocabulary lesson for today:
the act of throwing someone or something out of a window is called »defenestration.« Famous defenestrations include one in some political-type building in Prague some years ago. I don't know how many. This is a vocabulary lesson, not a bloody history lesson! You want to know? Go ask Frank, the fish.

itidem wrote on Mar 3rd 2001, 20:11:27 about


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Windows are very useful things.

You can catch sight of something or someone through a window. From outside in. And from inside out.

You can open a window to let the smell of perfume or gunpowder escape.

It is even possible to dispose of a dead body out a window.

Or you can hide behind the drapes when someone comes home unexpectedly and you've been searching the place.

Oh, yes. Windows are very useful.

ocs wrote on May 23rd 2004, 06:51:32 about


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She had stolen to her usual window, and was sitting there very sorrowfully.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on May 5th 2004, 06:58:31 about


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In one of these rooms, was a window looking into the street, where the child sat, many and many a long evening, and often far into the night, alone and thoughtful.

Blemmner wrote on Sep 2nd 2006, 22:46:45 about


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On the internethotline:
Advisor: Please close your windows.
Customer: Why should I close my windows, outside its not that loud and today is such nice weather.

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