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first horseman about me

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catdraba about me

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Josef wrote on May 5th 2000, 01:01:50 about


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Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun

Me, a name I call the rational, conscious part of my brain. Freud called this the ego, or self. So what are the parts of me that aren't me? Do my subconscious thoughts share my existance, or just interact with it? Can I (being »me«) assume responsibility for the uncontrolled actions of my id and superego? And if this is »me«, then who the hell are »you«?

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on Jul 22nd 2004, 23:11:43 about


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'Me! I stay here of course. I always do.'

ontheverge wrote on Mar 2nd 2002, 06:05:13 about


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Me is all I've ever wanted to be.

daniel wrote on May 4th 2000, 09:45:39 about


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I finally found that the force at the center of the universe is not me.

mowk wrote on Oct 3rd 2001, 00:20:01 about


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Me I Myself am the only me I know. You are always you but only I am me

Cam wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 14:14:58 about


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It is funny but over my life of 63 years (so far!) I have always been the same me. I recognise some changes in my decision making abiliites, and my hopes and desires, but I am still the same me I remember about 58 years ago. (I don't remember much before then.) Maybe others who have actually grown up into adults have changed more. I have had a problem with growing up--to bad I have no problem with growing old.

I wonder if anbyone else feels the same?

Crea wrote on Jun 30th 2000, 22:07:36 about


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Tell me the truth about me and you!!

Field Marshall Stack wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 17:58:11 about


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In Neal Stephenson's »Snow Crash«, he says that the ancient babylonians had tablets on which were written »me«, which were sort of the equivalent of computer programs for humans. Reminds me of Dawkins' term, »meme«, referring to a self-replicating idea. Perhaps if you infect the assoziations-blaster with enough of your memes, the assoziations-blaster will come to resemble you. I suppose it would be easiest to infect something or someone with your memes when they're young, before they've had a chance to encounter other people's memes.

Jay wrote on Feb 16th 2001, 21:57:40 about


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I am, therefore I am. Me Myself and I.

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