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i was unfamiliar with this word until i found it on a linux website 5-7 years ago. At that time I did a Google search and there were only about 10 pages that used the words [my dictionary didn't have it listed]. I found this web site when I did a search for »Friedrich Seibold« – searching »english only« sites. There were only about 10 hits on his name.

I was thinking about the term »anarchy« three days ago while driving to a family reunion. When I got there, someone handed me a copy of Woody Allen's book _??? Anarchy_. I think I left it at the party,... well, I certainly forgot the first word of the title. But it's Woody Allen, so I'm sure it's clever.

Apory and Anarchy are related,... they may not be in the same bed,... maybe not on the same corridor,... but I think they belong on the same floor,... certainly, in the same dormitory.

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